Seismic Control Switch- Earthquake Sensing Device
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Putting safety first

Engineers and code compliance personnel identified the need to automatically release door locks on Access Control Systems during an earthquake. Under the innovative R&D minds at Seismic Technologies Inc., the idea flourished and became the premier life safety product line for Seismic Tech Inc. 

Each year more than 500 earthquakes claim lives, damage buildings and equipment. Increasingly, organizations worry about security and safety relating to these natural disasters.  

To maximize safety and protect valuable property in the event of an earthquake, Seismic Technologies Inc. developed a low cost and easy to install seismic sensor control system. Our unique tri-axial sensors and software design system, detects and identifies initial seismic patterns. An immediate signal is then transmitted to start any number of lifesaving, communication and disaster mitigation tasks.

Building industry professionals, architects,  and design engineers responsible for safety in public buildings, government facilities, manufacturing plants, hospitals, power plants and public spaces consider this system essential and in the same category as smoke detection and sprinkler systems as required by the NFPA and ICBO. This multi-patented system earned certification by MET Laboratories, tested by Quantas Laboratories and witnessed by U.L.